Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

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As a soon-to-be bride, you probably aren’t expecting any “emergencies” to happen on your wedding day… However, no matter how much you prepare, minor mishaps are bound to happen. So, it’s a good idea to have a few helpful items on hand in case you need them. Cue, the wedding day emergency kit!

What is an emergency kit?

A wedding day emergency kit is exactly what is sounds like – a collection of super helpful items and household essentials to fix any problem that may arise throughout your wedding day. Not only are emergency kits designed to help fix any mishap, it also gives you peace of mind knowing that you have everything covered, just in case 😉 You’ve spent many hours planning your gorgeous day, so being even more prepared will allow you to feel completely calm and ready to enjoy every moment of your wedding day! Also, a wedding day emergency kit will ensure you have everything you need so you won’t have to make any last minute trips!

Wedding day emergency kit essentials

Deciding what to include in your wedding day emergency kit might feel very overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, I’ve made it super easy for you! While we can’t predict every wedding emergency scenario, it’s important for you to consider packing the following items as well as consulting with your wedding planner/coordinator and wedding photographer to help identify the proper items specific to your wedding day. Packing your emergency kit is a completely objective process, but I have outlined a few “must-have” items below!

  1. Jewelry cleaner wipes (*Bling Wipes)
  2. Tide To-Go stain remover stick
  3. Lint roller
  4. Dryer sheets for calming frizzy hair
  5. Portable clothing steamer!!
  6. Fashion/fabric tape & hem tape
  7. Superglue, for when all else fails…
  8. Small sewing kit/safety pins
  9. Small pack of tissues
  10. Scissors!! (these will come in handy!)
  11. Boob glue
  12. Extra earring backs
  13. Hair brush/ties/clips
  14. Bobby pins
  15. Travel deodorant
  16. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
  17. Travel dental floss
  18. Travel hairspray
  19. Travel dry shampoo
  20. Q-tips
  21. Feminine hygiene products
  22. Hand lotion/sanitizer
  23. Lip balm/chapstick
  24. Extra perfume
  25. Nail clippers/filer/polish
  26. Tweezers
  27. Pocket mirror for makeup touch ups
  28. Medicines & basic first aid kit i.e. pain relievers/tums and band aids
  29. Contact solution/eye drops/glasses cleaner
  30. Breath mints or gum
  31. Water/small snacks
  32. Straws for drinking as to not mess up makeup or lip stick
  33. Cell phone charger
  34. Extension cord for all phone chargers in bridal suite
  35. Extra cash
  36. Baby powder (*especially if you’re getting married in the summer!)
  37. Bug spray
  38. Mini bluetooth speaker to keep the celebration going while getting ready!
  39. Spare underwear… don’t ask 😂
  40. ID’s and Passports

When should you pack the emergency kit?

I recommend gathering all necessary essential items and putting them together in a bag about 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding day. The days leading up to your wedding can be extremely stressful. You have A LOT running through your mind and lots to remember, so make it easy on yourself and have this ready to go prior to any last minute wedding day planning chaos. This will significantly help to reduce stress. Packing your emergency kit a few weeks prior to your wedding day also allows room for any error. It provides you with ample time to add more items as you remember or come across them. Be sure to place your emergency kit bag in a place where you won’t forget it. I recommend placing the emergency kit in the vehicle you will be traveling in on your wedding day and leaving it there!

As a professional wedding photographer, I have definitely seen a thing or two. Minor mishaps are normal for any wedding, but as long as you’re prepared, there’s nothing to worry about. I know this list might be a bit intense, but these essential items are a must in your wedding day emergency kit!

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