Personal Branding Photos for Hailey Marie

I’m so excited to be sharing Hailey Wilde’s personal branding session at Adriatica Village today! She is the owner of Hailey Marie Photography specializing in wedding + engagement photography serving Utah, Texas, and beyond!

I met Hailey for the first time at a styled shoot she put together at The Barn at Paradise in May of 2021. I was actually attending as a photographer, and it was my first styled shoot of the year. Hailey coordinated and put together such an amazing styled shoot, and I absolutely loved the photos I was able to capture because of it!

Following the styled shoot, we kept in touch and a few months later I reached out to her asking if she would be interested in partnering together to offer a photo + video bundle for our clients. Hailey was just getting into videography at the time and we hit the ground running with our amazing partnership. Today, Hailey and I are thriving within our businesses and our partnership together. We strive to create an unforgettable client experience, and we believe our photo + video bundle is helping us do just that!

We planned the session for the end of December and got some really beautiful images around the Adriatica Village. Being from Texas, you never really know what the weather is going to be like. Luckily, we had a few overcast clouds and warmer weather! We started the session off around the Bella Donna Chapel where we captured some amazing headshots with the chapel in the background. Definitely gave off those Italian vibes!! We then moved to a different part of the village and captured beautiful images with stairs, a rock wall, and a gorgeous building behind.

I absolutely adore Hailey and her photography! She has heart of gold and I absolutely love working with her. Here are few of my favorite highlights from her session.

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